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New Voip HD and 883

For years we have provided information on Internet telephones, software, and how to make free telephone calls to anywhere in the world. You don't need a computer and a headset anymore. Sophisticated internet telephony no links cell phones anywhere in the world just using speed dial.


When you visit here we give you many options, ranging from PBX systems, hosted and virtual PBS software, server software, and plenty of free goodies.


Many of you like social networking, but want the privacy and security of receiving phone calls. See our Jaxtr section for more, and how to call anywhere in the world.


Our downloads section has choices of free voip downloads for many countries. Our Solutions section has more voip detail, on-site viewing of remote websites, and a list of feature rich voip opportunities. Just find the right free phone or Internet phone service that is right for you.


There is plenty to see and do. Don't forget our Voip 883 blog with information about the new 883 voip country code. Our 883 blog also has details about Voip HD, increased bandwidth, and articles on the subject.


When it comes to Voip in the United Kingdom our UK Voip blog is the place to be. So stay a while, check out everything, and learn about voip, softphones, software, and servers